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Sure, we specialize in cosmetic tattooing delivering the most natural results while using the highest quality products for our clients

but that's not how it started.


Have Perfect Brows Every Day with Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of spending precious time every morning trying to perfect your eyebrows? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to perfectly shaped brows every day with cosmetic eyebrow tattoo!

Unlike traditional makeup, cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is a semi-permanent solution that can last up to 2-3 years. You'll save money and time in the long run, as you won't have to constantly buy and apply makeup to your brows.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a cosmetic tattoo:

Natural results.
Smudge proof. Natural results. Your brows but better.
Smudge proof. Natural results. Long lasting. Your brows but better.
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Book the Perfect Brows You've Always Dreamed Of

Don't wait any longer to achieve the perfect eyebrows. Book your appointment with us today and discover the magic of customizable microblading techniques. Get ready to fall in love with your natural-looking, beautifully shaped new eyebrows!


Whether you're style is natural microblading or you prefer a glam eyebrow, we offer it all.


Questions on a service? We offer in person consultations for your convenience.


What our clients say

Real feedback from our local community!

"I cant stop starring at my brows, I love them and cant believe it, Excellent Work!"



"Yeksenia is awesome! Not only is she a perfectionst, she's professional and honest about what can be achieved with your brows. I love my brows! They're mine, but better! Plus, she's so enjoyable to chat with! Highly recommend!"



"My Microblading experience with Yeksenia was incredible!! She’s such a joy to be around and her work is so impressive! When I told her I was looking for something natural, but wanted to increase symmetry in my brows, she completely nailed it! Great brows can really compliment your face shape and now mine finally do! Thank you Yeksenia!!!!!"



"From the beginning booking my appointment to the end of the procedure Yeksenia was kind and professional. She made me feel very comfortable through out the process by explaining everything in detail and answered all my questions. She treated my brows like a work of art and thanks to her I wake up with the perfect brows! The color matched perfectly with my natural brow color. I was shocked with how natural they look! Beyond satisfied with the results, definitely recommend!"



"I’m very happy with my eyebrows! I recommend Yeksenia to all my friends, she listens to my concerns and takes a conservative approach to meet my brow goals. And she’s super knowledgeable of her craft and will let you know what’s the best realistic approach to what your goals are. I love my brows and am very happy with them!"



"Yeksenia is amazing!! She took her time in perfecting her art. She listened to all my concerns and I am very happy with her work. Facility is also very clean and has a relaxing vibe."



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